Weather in South Tyrol

General weather situation today

A weak high, together with hot air masses, ensures summer conditions.

Weather situation today

Saturday will begin partly cloudy and with last rain showers, but the sun will soon prevail from the west. At most, isolated showers are possible from the cumuliform clouds in the afternoon.

Max. 33°C
Min. 21°C

Mountain weather today

In the eastern mountain groups, the day will begin often cloudy and with the last showers in places. It will clear up in the morning. Otherwise, sunshine will predominate and the tendency to thunderstorms will only increase in places in the afternoon.
Temperature in 2.000 Meters: 18°C
Temperature in 3.000 Meters: 9°C
0°C Limit: 4200 Meters;

Weather tomorrow

Max. °C
Min. °C

Weather development

The air masses will become more unstable on Sunday. The sun will shine in the morning, but thunderstorms will become more likely and more frequent in the afternoon. Temperatures will drop. Monday will bring sunshine and some cumuliform clouds, with thundery showers possible, especially in the north of South Tyrol. Tuesday will be very sunny at first, with a few thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. Wednesday will be mainly sunny with a few harmless clouds.

Max. 28°C
Min. 12°C
Max. 32°C
Min. 12°C
Max. 31°C
Min. 10°C